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Kissane’s Little Blue Book

I really enjoyed Erin Kissane’s book: The Elements of Content Strategy. I’m not going to summarize the book for you, because it’s short and you really should read it. I do want to share some thoughts though.

Erin discusses four disciplines that inform our work: editor, curator, marketer, and information scientist. I’d like to add two to the record: journalist and information designer. They all have threads in common and she covers the key points. Courage is essential to our kinds of problem solving.

This book belongs to anyone that cares about content. Whether you’re on a writing team, working for an agency, or out on your own, it’s insightful, to the point, and well-written. It’s also a beautiful record of what we’ve been doing all these years. It builds mutual knowledge within the field, confidence in our deliverables, and respect from people in other lines of work. It’s worth repeating: you should read it.

And I’m super honored to be in the acknowledgements. Thanks and congrats, Erin!