Nicole Fenton is the coauthor of Nicely Said. They design with words.

Writing about Writing about Myself

One of the reasons I’ve been so quiet here lately is that I’m rewriting my website. I’ve found the process unnatural and difficult. This project asks me to step out of myself, analyze my goals and strengths, and then arrange what I think about in ways that make sense to someone that doesn’t know me (or necessarily understand content strategy).

I do this stuff everyday, but I do it for other people. In this project, I ask the question, I answer the question, and then I translate the answer. But none of this is for me, exactly. It’s for you—the person at the other end of this beautiful void. The person I can’t see that might want to work with me. The person I don’t know yet.

What interests me the most about this is I finally realized why people hire me: it’s impossible to do this alone. Strategy requires collaboration. People, then plans. You, then my designer, and then me.