Nicole Fenton is the coauthor of Nicely Said. They design with words.

On Longform

To explore and expand on ideas I’m working through, I wrote a long piece about longform for Web Standards Sherpa. If you’re publishing text on the web, I hope you find the article enjoyable and useful. Long live the long ones.

Editing the Past

I’m looking into ways of making my posts living, breathing things. I don’t feel like I have any of the answers yet, so I’m compiling some questions about the effects of editing the past.

2012 in Review

This year was a whirlwind. There were big changes in every part of my life—from where I work and how I work to how I think about my future.

Strategy for Small Brands

“How do I get more customers as a small brand?” This post summarizes some things I’ve shared freely by email, including ways to keep customers you already have.