Nicole Fenton is the coauthor of Nicely Said. They design with words.

A New Name, A New Site

Max and I got married last Sunday. It was the best possible day, and I’m feeling pretty wordless about the whole beautiful thing. I changed my name to Nicole Fenton, we went on a brief beachy honeymoon, and we got home last night. Having had a few days away from client work (and our dear families) staring at the sea, I decided to do something for myself. A portfolio. A place to show my work.

I’ve been struggling with this site since I started it. It was a one-person blog to replace a two-person blog I ran with Michael Seidel. It’s been a makeshift portfolio since 2010, when I decided to freelance. It’s been a work in progress, as all work is, and I haven’t been too sure about what to do with it as I get further and further into product work and longform essays.

I’m a writer. My name is my signature. I want to keep this going as a blog, but I’ve decided to use my name for my portfolio. Here it is. I put the content together last night and Max did the front-end code today. Tell me what you think. I’ll add more projects this week as I have time.