Nicole Fenton is the coauthor of Nicely Said. She designs with words.

2013 in Review

Continuing a thread from previous years in shorter form, here’s what I did this year.

  • Stayed in a zendo for New Year’s.
  • Started eating meat.
  • Redesigned a bunch of things.
  • Contributed to The Pastry Box.
  • Got engaged.
  • Found an amazing apartment.
  • Moved to NYC.
  • Spoke at Confab in London.
  • Went to France for the third time.
  • Wrote a book proposal.
  • Read a lot of books.
  • Left Facebook to freelance and write more.
  • Turned 30.
  • Fell in love with The Paris Review.
  • Started a newsletter.
  • Got married.
  • Changed my name.
  • Launched a portfolio.
  • Shipped new work.
  • Spoke at Build.
  • Wrote my heart out.
  • Started working on teaching materials.

What a year.

2 Responses to “2013 in Review”

  1. joan

    I am so glad for you.
    For me, the year was the same old, same old, except, my son met you , fell in love, got married, and we now have you in our family.


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